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Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Better Way to Store History

I just deleted my previous post and recommendation on a Firefox extension named Slogger. Slogger was great because it would store a table of your web history on your PC and then if you forgot something you looked at last week you could pull up a table and browse through it by day. This is better than using your web history because it is more secure and it doesn't store all the pictures and other crap.

But now Gbrain is available. Gbrain is a linked with a Google service that keeps track of your bookmarks. But Gbrain can store every page you visit as a bookmark, thus turning your browser history into an asset stored remotely and searchable via Google.

When you download this extension, right click on your toolbars (at the top of your browser) and then choose customize. Scroll through all the icons until you see a brain and you can drag this icon up to any of your toolbars (I put mine on my Google toolbar). This toggles the tracking mechanism, so if you go to sites that you think are sensitive you can just disable Gbrain for a while. Mighty Joe thinks everyone should be using Gbrain. It is the way to go for tracking your history.


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