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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Forget Everything Else - Google's Spell Check is Reason Enough

Google's new toolbar for Firefox does a lot of things; it provides safe browsing by helping to eliminate phishing scams, it fills in your search with a drop down menu (like your browser's text search) and you can see how many matches of each option you have, but above all the others is the spellcheck. Because I write a lot of things, emails, blogs, bulletin posts... I've always wanted a good spellcheck that was fast, easy to use, and be the same tool for every site. Most of the past solutions had spell checking integrated into the websites and those stunk because they were all different and some worked well and some did not. Google's spell check works GREAT and it applies to every web page you use. This is reason enough to download the extension. If you download the extension it will be one of the few that you use all the time and you'll appreciate the value daily.

There are some catches that go along with the some of the other features in the Google Toolbar. There is an option to enable Google to gather data on your searches and some other things about your computer. I went ahead and allowed them to pick my information because I couldn't think of a scenario that would hurt me (given the type of data they say they are collecting). If you are worried about those issues you can respond NO to their prompt and it will disable some of the features but the spellcheck is still available (and a good many other features). So, no worries, this extension delivers enough value any way you look at it so Mighty Joe says INSTALL IT!


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