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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

MapIt - Be Fast - See an Address - Highlight It - See It On Google Map!

MapIt is a slick extension that everyone should be aware of and use. It's really convenient when you are looking up addresses and you need to get directions to the destination. All you do is download the extension, then Mapit puts an option in your context menu that comes up when you right click on a web page. Just highlight the address, right click, choose MapIt and it automatically brings up a new tab with Google Maps and the address you are looking for. This is hot hot hot!!! and makes you fast fast fast!!!


Map it is not working with V1.5 of Firefox. Therefore please try the Gdirection extension instead. It does the same thing except it allows you to put in your address and map directions from your home to the highlighted text. It still uses Google Maps so it's basically the same thing except you get the directions from your house to the highlighted text instead of just the one location.


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