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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Zoom, Go Back, Go Forward, Do Everything With Gestures

You can see the future of computing interfaces through understanding this extension. It allows you to define functions based on using your mouse. For instance, to go back a page I click left mouse button then right mouse button quickly. I've got it set up so if I hold my right mouse button down and go left it zooms an image and if I hold my right button down and go right it decreases image (and text) size. You can do anything you can do by pushing buttons on your browser using these "mouse gestures". There is an easy interface for defining your "gestures". Try it out! It's easier to set up and get used to than you think.

This is one of the secrets that will eliminate the computer interface as we know it. Once we are able to utilize eye movements as an input device these "gestures" will be used to navigate the web by tracking your eye's motion.

There are several extensions that deal with mouse gestures. I'm currently using the most sophisticated extension named Mouse Gestures. There is another extension named all-in-one gestures that has an easier interface to deal with but it can not do as much.

Mouse Gestures


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