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Friday, September 23, 2005

Save Image In Folder - What a Time Saver! Exciting, Unique, Helpful, Handy, and Simple!!!

Save Image in Folder is a real time saver for everyone that wants to save images they see on the web on their personal computers. You might say, "I can do that now by just right clicking on the image and selecting where to save it". Yes you can but this extension saves you at least one time consuming step. Here once you right click on your picture you see an item "save image in folder" and when you mouse over that selection it lists the folders that you have input into the system and you just select the folder you want to save it in and you are done. It is so much easier, it is such a time saver, this is a great example of how Firefox beats the crap out of other browsers... You have got to get this extension! I recommend this extension for everyone.

Once you install the extension, open up the options from the extension window and define the folders where you want to save images, and you are ready to roll. I highly recommend this extension! Try it out!!


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