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Monday, September 19, 2005

Menu X - A Real Space Saver - Reduce the Clutter!

MenuX enables you to reduce the number of buttons across the top of your browser by combining the functions of many menus into one button. I know that is a confusing sentence. For example, MenuX provides one button and when you push on it you see all the menu items in a pop up menu like; file, edit, view, go, bookmarks, tools, and help. There are other buttons that allow you to select what you want displayed in your sidebar, this eliminates the need to have individual buttons for quicknote, downloads, bookmarks, themes, extensions... and this is only the start of the many great advantages that MenuX offers. There is truly a wealth of capability in this extension and everyone should try it.

There are features in MenuX that not only save space but add unique capability. There is a button available that provides a drop down menu of your open Firefox windows, there is also a button that maximizes your screen space so you view almost nothing but the page in your browser. This is definatly an extension that you should try.


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