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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Integrate Note Taking With Firefox and Put Information at Your Fingertips

Information At Your Fingertips
There are three extensions that enable you to take notes and keep that information at your fingertips while you browse the web in Firefox. There is real value in having this information available. Everyone should try these extensions out to determine if you need all three. I use all three but for different purposes.

This is what I use them for:

Quicknote was one of the first extensions I downloaded for Firefox. It is a great idea and it's basically a notepad that comes up when you press a button on the navigation toolbar. The notepad has 4 tabs on it so you can have a different tab for each subject. I keep my todo list on one tab and notes for various subjects on the others. You can even name the tabs and select different colors for the notepad tab you are working on. It automatically saves when you exit so it puts the information at your fingertips with the push of a button.


Clippings is an extension that is really handy. It puts an icon at the bottom of your browser (in the statusbar) and you can just highlight the text and drag it onto the icon. Then a window pops up and you can lable it. Handy, Dandy, and Mighty Joe thinks EVERYONE SHOULD INSTALL IT!


Scrapbook is kind of a mixture of the two but with a unique and powerful feature. Again, it is invoked by pushing a button on the navigation toolbar and it opens up in the sidebar. It allows you to "capture" any web page you are looking at in your browser and store it in a parent/child relationship as described above. Once "captured" you can edit the page by highlighting text and commenting on text blocks... This interface is a little clunky but I expect it will improve with time. The editor pops up across the bottom of your browser. It takes some time to figure out but it is worth spending the time on. This extension is ideal if your researching a subject and you want to use the web pages you look at as documentation on your research. I have not found out how to export the captured pages yet but I will be experimenting with that in the near future.


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