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Thursday, September 08, 2005

InFormEnter - Puts Information for Forms Right at Your Fingertip

InformEnter puts a small button beside each text input field. If you left click on the button it brings up a small text window that contains the information that you stored. Things like your address and phone number or screen name or your different passwords are all selectable fields in menu. So you just click on your phone number and it puts that information into the web pages text box.

After you install the extension there will be a small button with an "enter" arrow on it. Right click on that and then type your data into the text box. After type in each new piece of data hit enter and start on a new line.

This is a great time saver and really helps you interact dynamically with the web. It's one of the extensions that has really saved me a lot of time. If you download, install, and configure InformEnter it will be one of the extensions that you use the most.


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