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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Autocopy Makes Sense and Saves Time - Another Extension for Everyone

Autocopy is an easy extension to recommend because it doesn't do that much but what it does do saves you time every time you need to 'cut n paste'. Which is such a common function for most of us that this extension turns into a valued component of Firefox shortly after you install it. There is no risk, it's free, and it saves you time, even Might Joe ought to be able to sell this!

There is one thing to point out. You can configure it so that it leaves the text you choose as "selected" or to leave it blank after you select it. This is a bit confusing but I guess there are some people that might want it to work opposite of normal. I didn't, so I set it so it would leave the text selected when I selected it.

Autocopy puts a small green check in a green outlined white box on the bottom right of your browser. You right click on it and it turns Autocopy off. If you left click on it you'll have access to the options screen. Go for it!


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